• Dark Forest Tutorial Series

    Ever wanted to create a promotional video for something you did? Credits or a cool intro for a video? A trailer? Dark Forest will help you with all of those! It's a full course that will get you from the first idea and preproduction to the compositing and finished result. During the process you'll learn how to create a forest and making a cool camera animation through it. But it's not limited to a forest: with this course you'll be able to extract a lot of knowledge that you'll be able to apply to any project! Check it out and enjoy!

  • Luke's Escape Highschool

    Creating a Short Film is not an easy task. I'm working with a team of people in the creation of Luke's Escape, and with this product, we want to share with you the experience we get from making it. You'll get video updates on the progress, tutorials, making of documentary, production book...

    Preorder now, and support Luke's Escape and Blendtuts! Thanks!:D

  • Blender 3D Quick Tips!

    Hi, people! I've been looking towards making something like this since quite some time ago, and I finally came up with it :D Quick videos (around 1 minute) in which I present specific features or little tricks that will help you improving your usage of Blender. Take a look... learn a lot very quickly, and enjoy!

  • Real Video + 3D (Complete Series)

    Here you have a little compilation of videotutorials that will help you the basics of taking your real footage, track the camera motion and integrate 3D objects on it :D It's all about 3 tutorials:
    1. Generating an image sequence from your video using Blender.
    2. Tracking the camera motion in your footage.
    3. Compositing and integration of 3D elements into the real video.
    I hope you like it!

Latest Videos

Blender Quick Tips


  • Dark Forest Tutorial Series

    Learn how to create amazing promotional videos! Dark Forest will take you through the whole creation process of a trailer-like video with a camera flying around in a forest and displaying several titles fitting a soundtrack. Check it out!