Abstract Geometric Images

In this tutorial you'll learn how to use modifiers in a creative way and create an abstract geometric image procedurally. Something cool about making it procedurally is the ability to make changes to the resulting geometry really fast. Enjoy!

Creating a Post-it in 3D

Do you have a todo list? Some tasks you do between procrastination moments? Now you can keep procrastinating in a more classy way: with a 3D todo list!! XD

Learn how to create a post-it and a tack using some modeling techniques mixed with some deform modifiers assistance in the process.

The Visit Card

Now you can have a looot of visit cards... no need to print them for real!! Just watch this tutorial and you'll learn how to create a very full handfull of cards, with some little complex materials, and use the new Rigid Bodies simulation to make them all fall to the floor!

Real Video + 3D (Complete Series)

Here you have a little compilation of videotutorials that will help you the basics of taking your real footage, track the camera motion and integrate 3D objects on it :D It's all about 3 tutorials:
1. Generating an image sequence from your video using Blender.
2. Tracking the camera motion in your footage.
3. Compositing and integration of 3D elements into the real video.
I hope you like it!

How to use Quick Projection

Sometimes is difficult to paint textures in blender, as well as in photoshop/gimp, without a 3d reference. This times are when this tool comes very handy! Quick Projection allows you take a screenshot, open it in you image editor software, paint over it, and project it back into blender! This feature makes the process easier and it's pretty automated (that's why it's called quick hehe). 

Texture Painting in Blender!

Everyone knows that Blender can be used for modeling and animating in 3D. But it can actually do much more things. One of them is painting textures right over your 3D models, and you'll learn how to do it in this tutorial. Of course you can paint textures into Blender, but even if you prefer to do it using 2D painting softwares, this feature can be an invaluable help. You can place details on your 3d model, and use that painting as a reference... or even for correcting seams on your final textures. What you use it for is up to you! :D

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