Create a SnowMan

Winter has come, and instead of bracing ourselves, we're going to have some fun! Because we'll use Blender, no need to step in the cold outdoors! :P In this tutorial, I'll show you how to model and render this snowman scene, including lots of modeling tricks and techniques, using displacements, using particles to simulate the snow... lots of stuff! Enjoy!

The Visit Card

Now you can have a looot of visit cards... no need to print them for real!! Just watch this tutorial and you'll learn how to create a very full handfull of cards, with some little complex materials, and use the new Rigid Bodies simulation to make them all fall to the floor!

Real Video + 3D (Complete Series)

Here you have a little compilation of videotutorials that will help you the basics of taking your real footage, track the camera motion and integrate 3D objects on it :D It's all about 3 tutorials:
1. Generating an image sequence from your video using Blender.
2. Tracking the camera motion in your footage.
3. Compositing and integration of 3D elements into the real video.
I hope you like it!

3D & Real Footage Compositing

Great, you already have a 3D camera movement emulating the real one in your footage from the previous tutorial, and now what? It's time to add some 3D stuff to it!! Is it easy? Well... not really! But it isn't that difficult once you understand it, and that's why I'm here for :D In this video you'll learn how to set up render layers, create some tricky materials and finally, how to composite all the mess to end up with a great integration of 3D objects over your footage!

Displacement & UVs Sculpt

Recently, a technique for using displacement & UVs to "sculpt" surfaces and generate highly detailed models was shared on the blenderartists forums. I couldn't resist to give it a try and create a tutorial using it for something cool. And here it is! An Alien Spaceship! Modelling, baking and using displacements, adding materials, lights... and some lovely compositing. Go ahead and create your own spaceship! :D

Creating a Spider Web (Part 3)

We already have the model, the simulation and particles. We just need to go ahead, and add materials, background and make the final render. We'll also use a little compositing for simulating depth of field... and press f12!!

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