Creating a Spider Web (Complete)

On this complete project tutorial series, we'll follow all the steps for creating a spider web from scratch. We're going to do it using curves, simulating cloth on a simple object that will deform our spider web, and then adding water drips using particles. Finally, a few cool materials and a little bit of compositing for simulating a depth of field effect. Enjoy!!

Creating a Spider Web (Part 3)

We already have the model, the simulation and particles. We just need to go ahead, and add materials, background and make the final render. We'll also use a little compositing for simulating depth of field... and press f12!!

Creating a Spider Web (Part 2)

On the first part we created a spider web with curves. This time, the web will be converted to mesh, and we'll add cloth simulation to it, and water drips with particles. We'll also take a look at the mesh deform modifier, because the web needs to be deformed with an external object in order to create a valid cloth simulation.

Spider Web Tutorial - Bug Report

Hello!!  I'm writing here to let you know about the progress on the Spider Web tutorial... As you may know if you've read the latest articles, I'm not able to continue the tutorial (the right way) because of some kind of bug. I've been trying a lot of things to solve the issue, but I couldn't, so finally, I've just reported it to the blender's bugtracker.Also I made this quick video...

Creating a Spider Web (Part 1)

Do you like spiders? On the first part of this tutorial we'll go through the process of creation of a spider web. In part one, we're going to model the web using bèzier curves. It's a pretty manual process, so take breath and prepare for it!

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