Image Sequences in Blender

Hi, people! Here is a "quick" tutorial about how to handle video files and image sequences in Blender (version 2.66, released a few days ago). The reason for this tutorial is that I'm getting ready a tutorial on camera tracking (you can see the result HERE), and I realized it's better to explain first how to convert your video to an image sequence... in the video I explain why it's better to work with image sequences :)

Click here to watch this video in Youtube

I hope you find it useful, and get ready for the camera tracking tutorial, it's coming! :D

I also have some news: Now I have more time for blendtuts, so you can expect tutorials to come in a lot faster pace, and I'll try to provide them with the highest possible quality :D In this video, for example, I wanted to try something (you probably notticed it):

- I recorded the full screen and zoomed in in the important stuff when needed.
- At the bottom of the video there is a little text telling what it's being done at that moment, so when you scrub through the video you know what I'm doing without having to listen to me until you figure it out.
- From time to time, a text callout will give you some quick tip or advise in case I forgot to tell about it, or maybe I didn't do it to save time.
- As a side note, the intro video with the blendtuts logo also was slightly revamped, just wanted to play a little with the smoke simulation stuff hehe.

Do you like theese changes? Would you improve something? I'm listening! Just write a comment under this post, or shoot me an email HERE (or you can just go to the contact section above). Don't hessitate to tell me your impressions, I'm always trying to improve the tutorials' quality! Thanks for your thoughts beforehand, they are wellcome (and some of the improvements I made before were sometimes provided by follower's thoughts! :D).

See you soon in the next tutorial!!




It's nice seeing another awesome tutorial here! Good job, Oliver! ;)
Hello Oliver... Great again!!. But.... What about your good habit to make your fantastic tutorials with spanish audio track option? Thank you for your excellent job!

Hi, Richisan :P I'm sorry for that... the reality is that making the tutorials in two languages takes a lot of time, and the spanish ones weren't actually that succesful, so I decided to keep going with only english ones and in the future I may come back and give a new try to the spanish ones :)

Thanks for your comment, and sorry for not keep making them in spanish! :P

Very well explained. I have only added images in the video sequence editor. Never a movie. I think I get it. My next project.