Creating a Spider Web (Complete)


Hi again!! On this "post", I'm joining the three parts of the "Creating a Spider Web" tutorial series, so you have them all together :D On this complete project tutorial series, we'll follow all the steps for creating a spider web from scratch. We're going to do it using curves, simulating cloth on a simple object that will deform our spider web, and then adding water drips using particles. Finally, a few cool materials and a little bit of compositing for simulating a depth of field effect. Enjoy!!

PART 1: Modeling the web using curves.

PART 2: Adding cloth effect with a Mesh Deform modifier, and adding water drips using particles.

PART 3: Adding materials, background and a little compositing to add Depth of Field to our final render!

And that's it!! If you want more information, here you have the link to the separate parts of this tutorial series:

PART 1 // PART 2 // PART 3

See you, and hope you enjoy them, and you learn a lot of things with the covered techniques ;)

Our friends at have released a tutorial series about creating a cool spider, from modeling to animation!!! If you want to put it over this spider web... go on!! (Click on the image to watch the first part!)




Oh my god, such a good tutorial. Since i saw the Spider Web of Marek Denko on his website i was trying this countless times. But your Curves Method is so much better. This is a "Dream come True" tutorial for me. Thank you SOOOOO MUCH. Awsome KEEP IT UP!!!1111 ;D
Great tutorial, thank you! Now it's time to make my first spider web to attach it to red mangroves and abandoned stuff Happy blending :)
sir, i have a problem with the way to change the PROPORTIONAL SIZE when using SCALE command, when u want made the spiral form. . how do u change that? i cannot change it. Thanks for u'r help
Pressing "O" to activate proportional editing, then "S" for scaling and with the mouseweel you can change the size.
i belive in future, Blender can defeat Max and Friend !!!
This was exactly what me and my new chapter was looking for, this will really help us out. Thanks!
Great tutorial! :) Blender FTW!

Great tutorial. I learned a lot, and I like the way my web came out. Of course, I have many what was the purpose of the cloth simulation steps? Anyway, here's my result: