How to record a Cinematic Timelapse

Hello! A couple of weeks ago I published a video, featuring an interesting timelapse recording method (Cinematic Timelapse video). I got a lot of tutorial requests on this method in forums, email, blendernation... and I wanted to make the tutorial before, but I've been moving to Valencia (Spain) and I've been veeery busy, but as promised, here it is!!

Some people asked for the glowing vertices and selections stuff. But that's made with a filter on the editing software, so I haven't go on that theme on the tutorial. Also, I'm sure it can be done with some tweaking on the Blender's Compositor :)

You can download Hypercam (The screen capturing software) from HERE.

I hope you like it, and soon we can see a lot of timelapses cooler than the one I made :)
See you!



Hello man Im very interrest of how to made videos like this one, I now how to model cars in blender But I have a little question how you set up Hyper Cam to record this very clearly, I made some test but s it still bad, do you have any tip for that? Thanks

Well, you need to select a codec that works for you and adjust the parameters to increase quality... I can't tell you, because even I don't know wich one I used xD Also, the codecs you have available depends on the software that you've installed on your computer... but well, just try different configurations till you get the right one :)

Thanks for the comment!

How do you arm the camera to the empty? I cannot. When I press on the camera, then shift-hold, and click the empty, and press ctrl-b nothing happens. Please help. Thanks.
press ctrl-p

Thanks, Karim. That's it. You must press Ctrl+P instead of Ctrl+B ;)

Wow! Thats soo cool!

hello olivar
regarding to the editing software. I think you have make to do glow effect with after effects or premiere ?

Thanks mod

What kind of computer do you have to keep up with all this heavy software?

Hi, sorry for my question but Which key did you press on the keyboard after press 360° to rotate the empty? because I press enter after press 360° but it doesnt work. thanks

Hi, blendman. First I press R to rotate, then I write down -360 and press enter. After this I press i in the keyboard to store a rotation key. nottice that I already had a keyframe in the frame 0 for the empty original position, so we create a transition :)

thanks for your reply but I press R then I write -360 and enter. After I press i and I put a rotation key and then I move the green line (it is on 0), and I put it on 200 and I press again i for a rotation key and finally I check if it works but it doesn´t work. it didn´t rote. And Do yo speak Spanish? because I speak spanish too, so we can speak if you want.

Hola, Blendman. En español pues :)

Verás: necesitas establecer una clave en el fotograma cero antes de rotar. Luego te vas a otro fotograma, rotas y pones otra clave. Así tienes dos claves con rotaciones diferentes, y eso es lo que crea la animación.

hello again, I have another question sorry, record a timelapse is for record the steps you do to create an object? or is for record a video or an animate short? thank yoy

Time-lapse is just a technique in which you show a video faster than it happened actually. This is very useful for showing the process of creation of anything, but of course, you can make a shortmovie using time-lapse techniques :)

I recommend you to check timescapes to get an idea :)

Hello Oliver, Thank you very much for making this cool tutorial. I would like to try it out, but the software that is used in the video capturing ( requires the user to install at the same time an adware called Lucky Savings. Lucky Savings is an adware infection which is used to display unwanted advertisements on infected computers. This application gets installed as a widget or toolbar extension on browsers like Firefox, Chrome or IE and may be difficult for some people to remove. Can you suggest or recommend some other (free) means to capture the animation than using Hypercam? Is there an Addon with the same functionalities that could work directly from within Blender? Lastly, you mentioned in the video that the vertex highlight effects were applied using a filter in post processing but you didn't mention what that filter was, nor what program had been used; something of which I'm also curious. Thanks again for making these tutorials. Kelly
System Resources - What kind of Windows machine are you running? Does the rendering engine effect performance? I ended up using Screencast-O-Matic Pro (stand-alone app on my Win7 64-bit, i7 CPU 860@2.8GHz, 8GB memory and 1GB video memory, Radeon 5700). I tired sculpting on a simple mesh using Cycles but found the display unsuitable for recording - timelapse or regular time - as the animation became very halted / stuttering.

Hey, Kelly! Sorry, before I answered you in an email, didn't nottice it was comment in the website xD I'll send you the email again answering this second question. Thanks ;)