Creating a Spider Web (Part 3)


Hi!!! Here is the last part of this tutorial series!! On it we'll add materials, background, and a little bit of compositing for simulating depth of field. I hope you like it! With this we get the final image or video, if you want, because you have a cloth simulation going on, so you can render the animation, add a bit of camera movement and all that :) Below you can take a look at the tutorial and the final results of the 2 versions of the tutorial (spanish and english).
Also, on the spanish version I had a little trouble with the water drips alpha xD But finally I notticed it :) Enjoy!!

Here you have the final results: Spanish Version // English version

On this series we've seen several topics: modeling with curves, simulating cloth, deforming meshes, particles, materials and compositing. I hope you learned a lot of things from this series... and see you soon on future tutorials! :D I keep working on the hologram tutorial!! But I just don't want to stop publishing free tutorials while working on it :)

Links to the previous parts: Part 1 // Part 2

Take care!



¡por fin! una vez más puedo decir impresionante? :D gracias


siempre en tu linea, muy buenos tutos!! muchas gracias por dedicarnos tu tiempo


Hello Oliver, I want to thank you for all of the amazing tutorials you create, they are amazing and inspiring to watch. Cheers, ~Tung
Great blender tutorial,,, Thanks so much bro Regards;
Very very many great tips. I'll enjoy watching these several times. You do such a good job explaining the detail of each step. Thanks so much.

That's what I'm supposed to do, isn't it? :) Thanks for your comment, Terry!

Hi, Great tutorial. Here you can see my spider web. Not so good as yours, but i had some fun to do it. Thanks for charing you knowledge. Ricardo Silva

Thanks for your comment, Ricardo!! That's a good start with spiderwebs :D The most important thing is that you had some fun getting it done ;)

Here's my attempt. ( My webs seem too "thick". Perhaps I have the wrong lighting? Or messed up at the "convert to mesh" step?

The "M" shortcut in the node editor is excellent. Can't believe I didn't find that. Thanks for the additional tips and details in your tuts. Though pressing (numpad) "8" doesn't seem to expand/collapse the properties sub-panels for me (I'm using v2.58).

Thanks for all the hard work finishing this tut. Can't wait for more!

Hi, overkill :) Yeah, it seems so thick, for make it thinner, you need to decrease the correct parameter on the curve panel, before converting it to a mesh :) Otherwise... maybe entering the edit mode, selecting everything and using Alt+S very slightly... it probably works!

I agree with the Mute on compositing nodes, I love it! And...for collapsing/expanding sub-panels is not the numpad "8", is "A" xD

See you, and thanks for the comments! :D

You're awesome bra! I love your tuts. But you have been away so long I almost forgot about you site. But the spider web looks phenomenal. You should check out my page sometime and gimme some feedback. I'd be honored to have such a Blender master critique my tuts.

Thanks MasterXeon! :D Lately I take more time between tutorials because I have just a little spare time, and also I'm working on the Hologram Project (if you haven't seen it yet, you can take a look at the E-Store) :D I'll try to comment your videos, I just subscribed to your channel ;)

See you, and thanks a lot for the comment!

im impressed, Greaate, dude this is so cule, i cant wait for more tutorial in the future, please work fast and release more, i dont mind paying for supa dupa tutorials.

Hahah I try to work faster!! But I can't, as blendtuts is something I do on my spare time :D I hope you enjoy the next tutorials that I'll be releasing :)

Thank you for your tutorials. They're very helpful for someone just getting into Blender. Here is my initial attempt I might do some more detailed touch ups later but overall I think its ok for a first try. Thanks again!

Thanks for your comment, Wolf!! It looks good!! ;)


For some reason, when I apply the defocus, its applying it to the upper level of the image instead of the lower area.

Do you know why this might be?


Hmmm maybe you set the distance in the camera too low, and it's focusing the closer to the camera part, while defocusing the rest. It's the only thing that I can think about right now...

Hope it helps! Here's my web.

This one came out a lot better than my egg...

Thanks Mr Villar!