Hologram Project


This videos will take you through the entire process of the creation of a hologram projector, and the hologram itself, including videos from every step: concept, modeling, materials, animation, rig, compositing, lighting... Take a look at the trailer bellow!!


75% OFF!

The Hologram Project goes from 19,90€ to 5€ Why is that? Well, Blender has changed a lot since I released this tutorial. Some of the things I did in it are now much easier, or they can be done in a different way. The compositor (one of the main parts of the tutorial) has also evolved pretty much, and even the basics continue being the same, some things may be different.

Anyway, the focus of this tutorial is to show the whole process, and how to combine every part of the creation of a 3D animation, from preproduction to postproduction, and even some technical details may not work anymore on current versions of Blender (10 versions have passed since I released the tutorial!!), the general idea continues to be useful and still applies to any project :) So this is like some kind of oportunity for those who wanted it but didn't get it before, so they can check it out and learn something useful from it :D


- Over 5 hours of commented video (The recorded raw video time is over 11 hours, but most parts of it will be acelerated: basic modeling, render times, routine processes...). Only one part of rigging is at real time, so you don't miss anything, and all the compositing part is a tutorial, commenting it at real time while I do it (so two languages, two videos).
- Multilanguage video: Videos will have voice over in both ENGLISH and SPANISH.
- Complete process overview: You will follow the complete process, from the idea and concept to the final animated and composited result.
-.blend files of all the project at different stages, so you can follow tutorials from the part that you're interested in.



- We'll discuse the initial idea and how to make it work. Also, I'll have in mind all the things that I want to happen in the video, so we'll be prepared for them when building the project in 3D.

- Modeling the Logo (in this case, I modeled my own logo, you can do the same for making yours :)
- Modeling the hologram projector.
- Modeling the "Arms" (the parts of the projector that will open and project the hologram itself)
- Building the Scenery.
- Arranging Meshes: Arrange some visible errors on meshes
- Modeling Lights and Door.

- Setting up the scene
- Detail Modeling: Modeling some details before starting the rig.
- Rig: Rigging the hologram projector, doors and everything so it's easy to move and limited, for preventing unwanted movements or rotations.

      4.Detail Modelling:
- Adding some more details to the model and arranging some shapes.

      5.Adding Materials and Illumination.

      6.Creating "Hololights":
- How to create the volume emulation for the projection lights.

      7.Main Animation:
- Animating The hologram, the projector appearance and closing. We'll use keyframes, Graph Editor, Actions and NLA for making it fast and easy.
- Animating the hologram's distortion effect.
- Camera animations for getting the "Hand-held" movement.
- Active camera changes for jumping from one camera to another one during the animation.

      8.Preparing the scene for compositing.

      9.Materials animation:
 - Animating some lights, and materials' opacity and properties.

- Probably one of the most important part of this project. A lot of layers and nodes have been used: From color corrections and depth of field, to glare effects, neon glows and different layers and renders mixing.
- Final polishes and adjustments.
- Launching the final render.


(The official price is in European Euros, so the value can vary in your currency because of market fluctuations; Anyway, PayPal will tell you the cost in your own currency before making the payment.)

This product is only delivered by direct download. In the case that for some reason (like very slow internet connection), you need a different method, just contact me and we can find a solution ;)
NOTE: Adding sound effects to the final video is a subject that isn't covered on this tutorial.

Thanks a lot to all that people that preordered and purchased this product, you make blendtuts possible! ;)

IMPORTANT: I encourage you to share this product with your closest friends with physical copies or so, but please, don't distribute it through internet in a way that people that you don't know can get it ;)




Awesome... But how much is it in American money?

Hi, David :) I forgot to add a currency converter link to the post, it's added now :D The "official" price is in european euros, so when converting it to other currencies, the price can vary a little bit depending on market fluctuations, so I recommend you to convert it yourself ;)


At this time, 12.90€ = 18.54USD  Anyway, PayPal will tell you the price in your currency before making the payment ;)

Thanks! ;)

Thank you... Mi amigo

You're welcome, David! ;)

Buenos días Oliver,
me gustaría compra el video, ya lo he puesto en el carrito pero no me da la opción de pagar, ¿es normal?
Un saludo y mi enhorabuena por tu fantástica web y tu estupendo trabajo.

Hmmm no, desde luego, no es normal. Deberías de tener en el carrito la opción de "Checkout". Tendrías que completar varios pasos una vez ahí, y luego pulsar review order. Te llevará a una ventana donde verás todos los datos del pedido para confirmar que todo está correcto, y entonces le das finalmente a checkout y te dirigirá a PayPal para hacer el pago ;)

Si sigues teniendo problemas, puedes ponerte en contacto conmigo por email y buscamos una solución ;)

Thank you Oliver. Another awesome tut release.

Glad you like it :)

Hola Oliver felicidades por el trabajo espero comprarlo pronto Saludos

Todavía queda mucho por hacer :) Gracias!

Looks outstanding and based on all your work to date, I will bet this will be a great success.

Thanks for your encouraging comment, JD, glad you like it! :D

I am EXCITED and I am very anxious about this beautiful looking project. I can't wait to get it!

Thanks a lot, Dee!! :) I hope you like it when it's finnished!! :D

nice but over 5 hours just to make this 10 seconds animation? sorry but it sounds too boring for me :\

Probably it seems to much to you :) But even it's a short video, it involves A LOT of things that take time to make, and also to explain how they work... anyway... the cool thing about videos... is that you can take a step forward if you already know how to do something to not getting bored ;)

Wow, I sure wish I could snap my fingers and make all of that magically appear and animate, unfortunately I'm human and have to actually build the models which takes hours then set up the animation with takes time as well. I'd love to see an animation that only takes an hour to build a nice model, texture it, animate it, then render it. This tutorial looks to be sweet once it's released whenever that may be.

Well I don't know about twisted's comment (which i respect) but i purchased the product today and i know its going to be
very informative. Especially for those who are still learning the ropes in blender.

Gracias Oliver espero recibir noticias cuando esta terminado y cuando lo recibire...

Thanks for your trust :D I hope, I want and I'll try to make it as much informative as I can, that's the main reason for making the tutorial :) Y no te preocupes, pronto iré poniendo avances sobre el proyecto, y en cuanto esté terminado te lo notificaré para que puedas descargarlo. Gracias!!

Hi. I know thi is kind of a small question on the tutorial but: the lensflares you have made from the lights on the projector arms... are they blender made..? Looking good. Cheers and good luck :)

Hi, Ejnar! Yes, everything on the hologram video is blender made ;) thanks for your comment ;)

I've quick-scanned the page and couldn't find who you are or what you've done before. Fix that.

Well, that's because I'm pretty young, and I haven't been part on any big project yet. Blendtuts is my "first big project", and I'be been working on it for the last year :D I'm self-employed working on design and 3d, but I do quite basic and simple projects, not actually relevant to show them here. Anyway, I suppose you're right, I should increase the ammount of information that it's in the about area (the blendtuts logo at the right bottom part of the web), in wich I mainly speak about blendtuts. If you want to see my works... well, everything at blendtuts is mine, and overall at the EXTRAS section and at the blog... you'll find projects I did, or more information about me :)

Thanks for your comment, Allan ;)

Ugh! *sigh* *facepalm* now to buy one? Ok. It has a fantastic trailer but hopefully you arent too long with finishing up. I'd like an autographed copy. Perhaps? *nudge* just kidding but seriously. Awesome work.

I'll keep making free tutorials, don't worry about that :) I just need to survive xD But the E-Store will have "Special" things, like this one big tutorial for example ;)

I'm already working on it, and I hope it will be ready to download asap!! About a signed copy... we can talk about that hahah ;)

Thanks for your comment!

Wow, a signed copy! sounds like a good way to market yourself Oliver!  

How far along are you now on the project?




Hi! XD I don't think I will be selling signed copies... but who knows! xD

I'm editing and working on the voice over, it's easier and faster know that I already catch the workflow :) But I don't know yet how to create mkvs and all that. I'll publish some advances soon :D

Thanks for the comment! ;)

Hi nice to see multiple languages, but please do us all a favor --DON'T-- add music unless its on a separate channel that can be muted. Too often a good tutorial is ruined by a poor music choice, that drones on and on for the whole thing. Thank you. And keep up the good work.

Thanks for the comment, Joey :) Actually I learnt that lesson a while ago, and now I only use music for the intro and outro :D That's definetely better!

I dont mind music in tutorials as long as its somewhat low and doesn't interfere with his voice.

Thanks, Evan :) I won't add music during the tutorials, because it seems that a lot of people don't like it at all :)

How much longer are you going to offer the pre-purchase discount?

Hi there, Ian! There is no final release date for now, as I have still some work to do, but I'll try to release it on end july, or beggining august :) Anyway, I'll announce the final release date when I have the project in a more advanced status :)

Bueno, pues yo ya tengo pagado el preorder jejeje, a ver cuando tenemos los videos =)


Muchísimas gracias, Vinety :) Espero tenerlos lo más pronto posible :D Suerte!

I preordered one and I can't wait to start with this "Big" tutorial.

Awesome work you are doing with this site.

Thanks for your support, Marja :D I hope you like it when it's finnished! ;)

que tal amigo he visto tus tutoriales y están geniales sigue así, por supuesto que voy a comprar este tutorial seguro que aprendere bastante sobre esta genial herramienta,saludos

Gracias, Alexis :) Me alegro de que te gusten los tutoriales! Suerte con Blender!

ya he preordenado este turotial que se ve completisimo, lo espero con ansias

Gracias, manchester38 ;)

Ok i pre ordered one.When is the release time?You will send it as a DVD or as a dowloadable format?

Thanks, Attila! I hope I can release it in less than a month, but still some work to do :D And it will be a digital download, you'll receive an email when it's released for proceding with the download ;)

Hola Oliver como estás ya hice la orden del tuto, ya no quiero esperar máaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssss :) Saludos y mucha suerte

Hola, Carlos! Muchas gracias por la confianza ;) Mañana me voy a tomar algo más de una semana libre del trabajo para poder dedicarme casi en exclusiva a este tutorial, que espero poder tener listo para vosotros en cuestión de varias semanas :)

Gracias de nuevo, y espero que te guste cuando esté terminado ;)

Hay alguna forma de comprarlo sin tener que hacerse una cuenta paypal

Hola, Slackat :) Si a la hora de hacer el pago no tienes cuenta de paypal, te da una opción si ese es el caso, para que puedas pagar directamente con tarjeta de crédito, sin necesidad de crear una cuenta :)

Gracias ;)

All the hard work you put into your tutorials you deserve to be a success, keep up the good work.

Thanks for your comment and your support, belanhud ;)

I was just looking through and don't notice a release date. Do you have a predicted release yet? if not I'll keep tuned in.