Cycles Introduction

Hi!! Here is the first tutorial after a quite long time! This is the promissed Cycles Introduction tutorial, which has been specially difficult to record xD First... I recorded it last month, and before finishing it (as it took too time to me) I realized that somethings in the interface had changed... so I decided to record it again. I was on it last week, but since the implementation of the support for multiple GPUs... by default it took my 2 cores, and my computer turned off spontaneously!! Seems that I had some power source problems, and it can't handle my 2 graphics card cores working at maximum xD I realized it this week, and found that choosing to use only a single core solved the problem :D So... here you have it, finally!

I hope it's usefull for you. In this one we've covered Cycles setup, materials, lighting, node materials, depth of field... now I just want to say that I haven't been sleeping all this time... and I have some interesting projects going on... you'll know about them very soon! :D One of them... I can tell you... is something pretty interesting, and it will probably include camera tracking :D I just need to work a little to polish some details before going on with it. This one will be for free, and will be probably 3 parts: Modelling and texturing, Camera Tracking, and Compositing. Stay tuned!

Happy blending, and... it's nice to be back! :D





gracias por el video, me ha servido mucho saludos

Me alegro! Gracias ;)

hard..T-T the nodes..

Nodes are quite difficult if you didn't touch them before :P

Nice very nice I cant wait to watch this one :-)


Glad you're back Oliver : ) Thanks for the Cycles help!

Thanks, Overkill!! Hope it helps :)

Excelente !, muchas gracias por tan util tutorial :D, Cycles es genial !

un saludo oliver, exelente el tutorial, los tips muy buenos y como siempre exelente trabajo, y comiendo ancias del proximo material, un saludo

Nice to see your new tutorial! Actually there is nothing new for me in this video :), but it will definitely be usefull for those people who just starts with the Cycles.

btw, Cycles is really fast with 590gtx (and there is only single "core" render in the video, so it should be almost twice as fast!)

Thanks for the comment, Male :) Yes, it's pretty nice :D A few months ago my old card died, and I decided to make this investment. I'm very happy with it, but now blender uses both cores, my power source isn't enough! xD The little I tried it, it's not actually the double, but speed increases a bit :P

See you!

>>speed increases a bit
sad, but still it's very fast:) I'm planning to buy a new pc this autumn, and I hope nvidia will create even more powerful graphic card till that time

Excelente tutorial Oliver! La verdad que me ha servido muchisimo como muchos otros que tienes por aqui, sigue asi maquina!


Gracias Manu. Me alegro de que resulten útiles! :D

Oliver gracias por el tutorial. Excelente!! Ojala puedas poner más tutoriales en español.

Gracias por tu comentario, Guille. Sobre los tutoriales en español... puede que algún día vuelva a hacerlos, pero lamentablemente no será pronto :( Por ahora me estoy centrando en los de inglés, que son los que tienen más audiencia.

Un saludo!

Hello, There are a number of videos not opening up??????? I TRIED every where, some do and others do not????? cheers Terrence