Blender Tutorials

Here you’ll find all kind of tutorials about Blender. Click on one of the blendtuts badges for filtering tutorials by difficulty.
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  • How to use Quick Projection

    Sometimes is difficult to paint textures in blender, as well as in photoshop/gimp, without a 3d reference. This times are when this tool comes very handy! Quick Projection allows you take a screenshot, open it in you image editor software, paint over it, and project it back into blender! This feature makes the process easier and it's pretty automated (that's why it's called quick hehe). 

  • How to use masks in Blender

    Recently, a new addon ("Rotobezier", developed by Daniel Salazar, alias Zanqdo) was added to Blender, and I needed to make a tutorial about it, because it's an addon that makes a lot easier to animate bezier curves. In addition, this feature can be used for animating masks, for later using them on the compositor :D