Creating a Spider Web (Part 2)


Hello!! I'm finally here with the second part of this tutorial!

I solved the issues with the combination of solidify and mesh deform modifiers :) This time we'll see how to take our spider web, simulate it with cloth effects, and add some water drips to it using particles. I hope you like it... and thanks to all of you who have helped me solving the issue when I published it on the blog section, you rock!! :D

Something that I want to talk about... is the mesh deform modifier. The more you increase the precission, the more time it will take blender to bind the deformed and the deformer meshes. Binding is a process that blender must do for calculating which vertices on the deformer mesh deform the vertices of the deformed one. This modifier is extensively in use for characters, for example, because you can have a character with a very detailed model, and deform it in a relatively easy way using a lowpoly mesh with mesh deform.

In the third part, we'll finish the project: adding materials, lighting, background and a little compositing. On the other hand, I keep working on the hologram tutorial, and soon I'll publish a "preview" video with finnished parts of the project :D

Links to the other parts: Part 1 // Part 3

Take care!!



can i say awesome! :D

iKlsR... I won't force you to not doing it... so yes, you can xDD Thanks!!

wow, thats an awesome way to combine the modifiers :) good work! cant wait for the third part :)

Thanks SeriousM ;) Third part will be up soon :D See you!

Thanks man!


Nice work. Here's my attempt

Living up to my username (overkill), I've been trying to think of a way to have the individual webs react directly as a cloth. Did a quick test to pin the verticies and apply the cloth directly to the mesh (instead of a modifier). It would take much more time to build the web :( , but could be placed in any position and look correct (without manually curving the spiral). Will keep testing.

Is there an easy way to attach the guides to the spiral to make this possible?

Can't wait for part 3!

Great attempts, overkill! :D I like that approach and the result you got on that sphere! The bad thing about that is that the pinned vertices are pinned, and that means that they won't be simulated, so the spider web... won't work at all :S About attaching the guides to the spiral, is not possible to weld vertices that are part of curves... you can just join the start and end of a curve to another one :S

Part 3 will be up very soon :) Thanks!

I'm just a beginner. And while your tutorial is a little advanced for me, its very inspiring, creative, and well thought out with regard to the things you are teaching. Im not sure I will ever be a master, but I love seeing your tutorials and definitely want to learn blender. You are a master. thanks for an interesting and instructive tut. I look forward to seeing part 3. You rock.

I'm glad to hear all that, diva! Thanks a lot for the comment, and good luck with blender, I'm sure you'll enjoy it!! :D See you!

Great tutorial. Thank you, thank you...I look forward to #3.

Thanks for your comment, Terry :)

Gracias por los tutoriales, ya se algo mas delas particulas y fisicas jeje.


Me alegro de escuchar eso, Vinety! :D

Haha, I love the part about "The computer can explode or catch on fire."

Oliver, for some reason, the similies are not coming up after using the rich text editor...  

Thank you for the tutorial,


Pinning doesn't seem to work for me. The entire object falls to an endless pit.