Creating and Transforming Objects

Hi again!! This time we'll see how to create and transform (move, rotate and scale) objects in blender 2.5.

Things you'll learn:
- Use of the 3d Cursor
- 3 ways of creating objects
- Use the transform manipulators
- Transforming Shortcuts
- Precise Transforms
- Aligning Objects

Level of complexity: Beginner

The next tutorial will be about using modifiers. See you!



glad, i finally found a good tutorial that use blender 2.5 after all... thank you very much..really help me a lot :)

Thanks for your comment! ;)

how did you add "empty" to the cube, or for that matter, how is "empty" added anywhere?

You can always add an empty from the Shift+A (Add menu). Then, on the empty properties, your can give it a cube shape... I don't know if this is what you mean... hope it helps!

This s helpful

Glad to hear that :)

thank you very muchos bro!

Yo're welcome!

Realy helpful. I finaly found tuts for 2.5 that are good. I can now continue blending ;)

Is great to hear that :)

Very helpful. THanks!
Great! Your english is incredibly clear and the tut is simple and powerful at the same time. Keep on this way! :D

just like all above, I am glad I found this site today, and offcourse the tutorials too.
thank you for the clear explanation.

Thanks, Marja, I'm very glad you find it useful :) Take care!

Thanks a lot for your work. Every thing seems more simple day after day.

Thank you for making these tutorials! They are really helpfull! =)
Thank you very much for this tutorials!, i am a beginner and i am learning a lot!, thanks!.
Thanks so much for taking the time to create these tutorial videos! I'm new to 3-D animation and this has been very helpful. I'll be going to school for animation in the fall, and these videos have been a great starting point. Thanks again!
Well, this is a great tutorial also, but I have a really big problem. I have been trying to create an account on so I can report a serious bug in Blender. But I have tried to create two different accounts and won't send the confirmation email no matter how log I wait or how many times I ask the site to send the email. It's not in my spam or anywhere. So I'm stuck, because I can't log into the website to report a serious bug. The serious bug is the EXTRUDE INDIVIDUAL. It doesn't work in 2.59 (latest build as of 8-27-2011). I have tried it in the 64bit version and the 32bit version. Neither of them work at all the way these tutorials show. I do EXACTLY what you and a host of other video tutorials explain (they are all the say, SHIFT-E, to do an individual extrude, nope, doesn't work. I hit the button, and it will extrude the faces in only one direction, but if you hit scale, or rotate, nothing. Nothing happens individually. So, this needs to be fixed, also the main website needs to be fixed, so that one can create an account on their and become a member of

Yes, in latest versions, Extrude Individuals doesn't use any shortcut at all. I found the same problem. The "trick" is to go to the user preferences, and add a shortcut (like Shift+E) yourself, that's what I did ;)

About the account... I can't do anything... did you go to this direction?

See you!

Hi oliver, i got a question. Under which section exactly the Extrude Individuals is (In user preferences)?
Align to transform orientation doesn't seem to work at all for me. I set the transform orientation to global, but when I go to click "align to transform orientation" the selected object doesn't budge! What am I doing wrong?
thank you it is very hepfull and well presented plz we need more tutorials
How did you selected a Vertex ?
Thank you! This is awesome. I've struggled with 3D software and am just trying blender again. This is very clear. Now I feel like I can start modeling!
Muy buen video. Recién descubrí Blendtuts y estoy devorando sus videos, el inglés por suerte lo entiendo bastante. Muchas gracias por el conocimiento. Desde Corrientes, Argentina: un abrazo!
You have very excellent tutorials right there......but,i am having problem with making the objects come to the center.. that creates much know in sculpting using mirror modifier or symmetry!..can you please help me with that?
Hi I posted a comment here a few days ago, which related to "align to view" in Blender 2.60.0. I was looking to see if there is any reply, but my comment seems to have gone. I saved and previewed it after composing it. Has this happened to anyone ? Have I posted incorrectly ?
Hi Oliver! Your videos are GREAT! And I mean it, GREAT! It's just one thing, I can't rotate... When I apply the "Rotate Manipular Mode" it doesn't work when I try to drag the arrows. (Though it works for the "Translate Manipular Mode). What's wrong? Please help me!

I'm so glad to have found this series of tutorials!! I feel like I have a good chance of understanding this powerful application. Thanks for all your enthusiasm Oliver!!

Your tutorials are very helpful and encouraging! Thank you!!